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“Partnerships through Light”

Partnerships with leading suppliers of LED Lighting and Lighting Controls enable Pro-Lighting Solutions and Pro-Lighting Control Solutions, to bring to reality our “Partnerships through Light”.

Established in 1991, Pro-Lamps has evolved from a lamp supplier to a supplier of premium international lighting brands and control systems sourced from Australia, Asia and Europe.

Our Mission Statement “Partnerships through Light” represents our focus on partnering with our clients to deliver a successful professional outcome for their projects.

Our team of Lighting Consultants have more than a century of experience in the lighting industry in Western Australia and Queensland.

Via our network of supply partners, we can offer a solution to your lighting project.
Through partnerships with other leading local businesses in South Australia, Northern Territory, New South Wales and Victoria, we are able to offer national coverage for our clients.

We look forward to being your partner in light.